AWA National Awards 2019 – we've got two reasons to celebrate





We’re happy to announce that we’ve taken out the Research Innovation category at the prestigious Australian Water Association National Awards on Wednesday 8 May.

Our Senior Research Scientist Aravind Surapaneni accepted the award for our project, ‘Driving Change from Conservatism to Pragmatism – Better use of Biosolids and Recycled Water by Using Research to Challenge Guidelines.’

We’d also like to congratulate the wider research team for their work on this ground-breaking project.

“At South East Water, we’ve long recognised the role of research in driving industry improvements and greater customer value,” said Aravind while accepting the award.

“Using rigorous research methodology and expertise, together with collaboration with industry and stakeholders, our project team was able to deliver regulatory changes that significantly reduced storage requirements for biosolids and recycled water from three years to one year and from 25 days to 18 days respectively,“ he added.

Water authorities around Australia have already adopted results of this research which has translated into millions of dollars in savings, improved efficiencies at treatment plants and increased recycled water availability to their customers.

Watch the Research Innovation Award video below




Our Operational Technology Manager, Andrew Forster-Knight was also a finalist for the Water Professional of the Year 2019 award.

Over the last 15 years, Andrew has been a true leader in every sense of the word. He has been in the forefront leading the development of innovative solutions to transform our organisation to a forward-thinking digital utility. He has constantly encouraged his team to explore avenues for self-development and to conceptualise and own their own ideas through to realisation.

Andrew is the brain behind Hydroshare®, BlokAid® and OneBox®. These successful technology-based innovations have delivered efficiency and reliability benefits to water network operators, and helped to increase liveability and affordability for water utility customers not only in Australia but also in New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and the US.

By bringing a broad range of skills in our operations team, Andrew has built a problem-solving capability that not only positions us as a leading industry innovator, but enables our commercial arm Iota to deliver water solutions to utilities around the world.

Watch Andrew's award video below.



Congratulations to Aravind and his research team and Andrew, we’re so proud! For more information on the 2019 AWA National Awards, visit the Australian Water Association website.