Setting up a new business?

Business property tenants

If you’re setting up a new business in a property you’re leasing, we charge the property owner for all water and sewerage charges. You don’t need to set up a water and sewerage account with us. To organise an information read when you move in, email us with your move in date at

If your business discharges liquid waste to sewer from business activities or processes undertaken on-site, otherwise known as trade waste, you’ll need to apply for a Trade Waste Consent and set up a trade waste account with us. You’ll be responsible for any trade waste charges.

Business property owners

If you’ve purchased a business property, your solicitor or conveyancer will contact us to set up an account for you. You don’t need to do anything to set up an account.

As the property owner, we’ll find you responsible for all water and sewerage charges for the property, even if you place a renter in the property.

If you have a renter, they’ll be responsible for any trade waste charges.

Do I need a trade waste account?

If your business involves commercial, industrial or trade activities discharging wastewater to the sewerage system, you need to have a Trade Waste Consent to legally do so. A Trade Waste Consent will detail the conditions under which your waste can be discharged to sewer and how your trade waste account will be calculated.

Commercial waste consists of waste discharged from retail food premises including takeaway outlets, restaurants, shopping centre food courts and pubs. Food related businesses need to install a food and oil interceptor as part of their Trade Waste Consent – sometimes known as a grease trap.

Industrial waste is generated at wholesale and manufacturing facilities such as large food manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and engineering and fabrication factories. These businesses are also subject to the requirements set out in a Trade Waste Consent.

Find out more about trade waste requirements.

Download a Direct Debit application form

Prefer to pay bills automatically from your bank account, Visa or Mastercard? You can apply by downloading and completing this form.

Send your completed application form to

Changing your contact details

If your business or contact details have changed, let us know at

Closing or moving your business?

Business property renters

If you’re closing or moving your business, email with the last day of your tenancy so we can arrange an information reading for you.

If you have a Trade Waste Consent with us, simply advise our Trade Waste team on 9552 3662 or to close your account or to arrange for a new Trade Waste Consent at your new location.

If you sell the business, please let the new renter know they’ll need to complete an application for a Trade Waste Consent and to open a new account accordingly.

Business property owners

If you’re selling your property, your solicitor or conveyancer will let us know. All you need to do is email with your new postal address.

If you have a trade waste account with us, please let contact our Trade Waste team to close your trade waste account.

Find out about trade waste

Run a business that discharges commercial or industrial waste? 

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