If you’re planning a renovation such as extending your house, putting in a swimming pool or landscaping your garden, it’s important to locate any sewer or water assets on your property before you start. 

You’ll need to know the size, depth and offset so you can make sure you won’t damage any assets during your renovations.

What do I need to do before I start renovating?

1. Review the Build Over Guidelines for proposed works over/adjacent to Water Authority Assets up to and including 225mm diameter (sometimes known as the customer buildover guide). 

These guidelines provide: 

  • information on what types of assets we own
  • information on what you can and can’t do near different types of assets 
  • information on what processes you may need to take before you can do work near our assets 
  • useful diagrams and explanations for renovators, builders or plumbers. 

Access the buildover guide on our work near assets and easements page.

2. Locate the water, sewerage and/or recycled water assets on or near your property. 

You can apply for an information statement on your property through Property Connect.

3. Lodge a build over request to get approval for your works 

If you plan on building over an easement or within one metre of one of our assets, you’ll need to get our approval.  

If there is any damage to our assets as a result of your works, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs. 

Lodge your buildover request through Property Connect

Find and protect our assets

Learn more about locating and protecting our assets.

Assets and easements

Want to work near or build over our assets? Check out the buildover guide.


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