We're planning ahead

We provide indicative guidance for your development plans, by giving you access to future water, sewerage and recycled water infrastructure plans in South East Water's growth areas. Please note that this information is preliminary only.

Our updated future infrastructure advice application is now live 
About the application

Our future infrastructure advice application shows surveyors, developers, builders and engineers our future plans for asset and infrastructure development in key growth corridors.

You can see where and when we plan on constructing water, sewer and recycled water assets and infrastructure.

How to access the application:

You’ll need an individual log in to access the application. Here’s how you can get your log in set up:

1. Email Masterplan.Register@sew.com.au with your proposed username, full name and email address, using the examples below as a guide. 

  • Username: jcitizen
  • Full name: John Citizen
  • Email Address: john.citizen@gmail.com

2. We’ll respond within two days with your username and log in instructions.

3. Once your log in is set up,  you can access the platform below. For the best experience using our application, we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.you can access the platform using the link below. 

Obtain preliminary servicing advice

Are you a developer, consultant or owner wanting to make informed decisions about the viability of a project?

We provide preliminary servicing advice on providing water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water facilities to a subdivision, development and/or individual property.

To obtain preliminary servicing advice please visit PropertyConnect