It's time to take action

Climate change is real, and is already happening. As a planet we're making some progress, but recent United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) analysis found that current commitments from national governments to reduce greenhouse emissions sets us on course to a global average temperature increase of 3.0°C to 3.2°C by 2100. While 3°C doesn’t sound like a lot, scientists believe it's enough to drastically change Earth’s ecosystems and environment.

We're all part of the problem of climate change

If we all act now, it's still possible to limit our emissions and meet the Paris Agreement target of 1.5°C of global warming instead of 3.0°C - 3.2°C. The clock above counts down to the depletion of our carbon resources without exceeding the limits set in Paris.

Our commitments

  1. Our climate pledge

    In 2018, we pledged to reduce our carbon emissions by 45% by 2025. We are aiming to buy 100% renewable energy by then and have net zero emissions by 2030

  2. Climate mitigation

    The impacts of future climate change can be mitigated by avoiding or reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We're committed to prioritising activities that remove existing emissions from the atmosphere to reduce our impact.

  3. Climate adaptation

    When the climate changes there are impacts on the community. We want to help people live with those changes as well as they can.

  4. Applying the science

    Our understanding of climate science and what this means for us is always changing. Our team is committed to keeping up to date with our understanding of the science - and its strengths and weaknesses - and applying this to our operations and decision-making processes.

  5. What can you do?

    We're all in this together! Read the information on our website and keep informed on the latest developments in climate change science. Climate change mitigation will come from responsible actions from all of us, so if your actions are climate friendly, so are you.