Water savings can lead to gains for your business – whether it’s a few dollars more in your pocket, or the benefit to your business of becoming more sustainable. Just as importantly, saving water helps preserve a precious resource as we manage the impact of a drier climate and population growth.

While all Victorians are encouraged to target their personal water use to 150 litres per person per day, businesses can make small changes to be more water efficient too. 

Water efficiency tips

Check out these efficiency tips from our partner Smart Approved Water Mark. You’ll find water advice, case studies and resources tailored to most industries, including food processing, manufacturing, hospitality and horticulture.

Whether it’s switching to a more efficient product or appliance or making some behaviour changes, even a small shift can make a difference.

Track your water usage with footprint®

If you’d like to track your business’ water usage to monitor for leaks, assess usage patterns and identify savings opportunities, the footprint® solution is available from Iota, our commercial arm.