Procurement and suppliers

We procure a range of goods, services, and construction (works and construction services), that help us to provide our essential water and wastewater services to our customers and community. Our suppliers play an important role in supporting us to deliver on our key customer outcomes.

South East Water acts in accordance with the requirements of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s (VGPB) policies and guidelines for procurement and contracts. See policies suppliers need to know about.

Procurement activity plan

Our activity plan details our current and anticipated procurement activity. This is also detailed at Buying for Victoria(formerly Tenders VIC).

The procurement activity plan is provided solely for informational purposes, and should not be relied upon for any reason. All planned procurements are subject to change at any time, at South East Water’s discretion. All published estimated market release dates are indicative only and are subject to endorsement of a suitable procurement strategy.

This information does not represent a solicitation or an invitation to supply, or a commitment by South East Water to purchase the described goods, services and/or construction (works and construction).

South East Water Supplier Portal

We have a supplier portal to support our procurement activities and engage with our suppliers.

On the portal, our suppliers can:

  • submit responses to our sourcing opportunities (request for quotes, tenders, etc.)
  • manage your orders and invoices with us
  • maintain your organisation’s details and user setup.

All open market opportunities and sourcing events will continue to be advertised on Buying for Victoria (formerly Tenders VIC) or VendorPanel for requests relating to State Purchase Contracts and registers, but suppliers will be redirected to the Supplier Portal to obtain documentation and submit responses.

Responses submitted through Buying for Victoria or VendorPanel are no longer accepted unless specifically advertised as such.

Please click here for more information on our Supplier Portal.

Procurement complaints management

South East Water is committed to transparent and accountable practices when seeking goods, services, and construction from suppliers.

If you would like to express a concern about a procurement process or probity matter, it is best to raise it first with the business group or staff you are dealing with. Most issues are the result of misunderstanding or process errors and can be rectified quickly and easily.

If after providing your feedback you wish to pursue the matter further by lodging a formal complaint, please complete the procurement complaint form and provide the details of your complaint.

We will:    

  • acknowledge your complaint/enquiry within five business days of its receipt
  • appoint a person to review your complaint/enquiry
  • request any additional information from you, if necessary
  • provide you an indicative timeline (usually within 20 business days) to complete the review and the process steps to be undertaken
  • inform the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) of any escalated complaints. 
Procurement complaint form 

Social procurement

When engaging the supply market, we look for suppliers that can deliver value for money outcomes and high standards of professionalism and integrity.

We also have a Social Procurement Strategy in line with Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework, with the aim of maximising social, economic, and environmental benefits for all Victorians.

If your business is recognised as a Victorian social enterprise, Victorian Aboriginal business, or other social benefits supplier, and you have the capabilities, skills and experience required in delivering services – we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

The Victorian Fair Jobs Code

The Fair Jobs Code ensures suppliers and businesses benefiting from Victorian government high-value contracts and grants provide safe, secure, and inclusive workplaces for their employees.

The Code requires suppliers bidding for procurement contracts worth $3 million or more (exclusive of GST) to hold a Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate.

More information

South East Water Supplier Portal

We have a supplier portal to support our procurement activities and engage with our suppliers

Supplier Portal FAQ

Refer to our FAQs page for more information on the supplier portal or to read the step-by-step guides.