Our vision

Innovate with purpose.

Act with care. 

Our purpose

Healthy water for life for our customers, community and environment

Our Corporate Strategy 2028

Our 5-year corporate strategy outlines how we'll deliver healthy water for life for our customers, community and environment, now and into the future. 

Our values

We put safety first

The wellbeing of all our people, customers and community comes first.

We're bold

We strive to excel. We have the courage to challenge ourselves. We're future-focused and accept change is constant.

We care

We listen to understand. We do all we can to meet the needs of our people, customers and community.

We discover

We search for new ways to deliver value. We're curious and creative, learn from mistakes, and celebrate success.

We're real

We embrace diversity. We take responsibility. We do what we say and get things done.

We deliver sustainably

Our decisions are made with the understanding every drop and action counts.

Our plans and reports

Corporate plan

Our corporate plan sets our what we'll deliver during each financial year to help deliver on our 2028 Corporate Strategy.

Annual report

We report on our performance every year in our annual report.

Water quality

We produce an annual report on drinking water quality.