Book a hydration station for your next event

We’re thrilled to support our community by providing free drinking water at events across the south east through use of a hydration station.

Hydration stations provide a sustainable solution to keeping everyone hydrated at events by reducing single use plastic bottles and saving thousands of them from ending up in landfill and oceans.

Our hydration stations have been popular within the community for over 10 years and we now offer a monster bar or chilled water trailer, subject to availability.   

All not-for-profit events that meet our criteria will be considered for free use of a hydration station.

If you’d like a South East Water hydration station at your event, submit an expression of interest now by emailing us at

Our hydration station in numbers


Litres consumed
at events since October 2022


600 ml plastic bottles saved from landfill/oceans
at events since October 2022


Litres of oil saved to make these bottles
at events since October 2022

Hydration Station features

The features of the Hydration Station include:

- 10 x bottle refill taps & 2 x water bubblers
- Water bubblers are child friendly
- Wheelchair compliant access
- Ambient or chilled filtered water
- LED lighting for use at night
- 50” Smart TV LED digital screen
- Dimensions 3m L x 2m W x 2.7m H

Do we need to pay to use the hydration station?

  •  All not-for-profit events that meet our criteria will be considered for sponsorship – so we’ll cover the cost for you.
  • Community events that don’t meet our criteria for sponsorship or if sponsorship isn’t available will be charged a hire fee. 

Criteria for use

Before applying to use the hydration station please check that your event meets these criteria:

  • located within South East Water’s service region
  • runs for five hours or more
  • expects 1,000 or more attendees
  • has a drinking water mains tap connection
  • isn’t aligned to a political party or lobby group
  • doesn’t discriminate against any person(s), organisation(s) or group(s)
  • doesn’t conflict with the water industry and government policy
  • doesn’t have products or services that are harmful to the environment
  • doesn’t support foreign charities
  • doesn’t create environmental hazards
  • doesn’t increase the likelihood of damage occurring to the hydration station.

Please contact our hydration station team if you’re unsure about any of the above.

1.  We’ll assess all applications for the use of a hydration station on a case-by-case basis and against the above criteria.

2 .  Events may be charged a $836 (including GST) hire fee up until 30 June 2022 which covers delivery, setup and dismantling costs.

3.  Each year we offer free use of the hydration station under a sponsorship arrangement for a fixed number of events, subject to the event meeting our criteria. You can seek sponsorship to waive the $836 hire fee hire fee up until 30 June 2022 for your event by providing a detailed overview of your event. This should include the following:

  • if an entry fee is paid, how the money raised will support a local  charity or organisation
  • a description of the not-for-profit organisation or charitable organisation
  • how information, knowledge or services will be provided to the local community
  • how entertainment supports local community interests
  • whether your event is a celebration of public holidays or cultural days of significance.

4.  As part of a sponsorship, we ask that we receive promotional opportunities for South East Water, which may include signage, social media, flyers and newsletters, along with photographs of our hydration station at the event.

5. If your event has used the hydration station before, we’ll assess the sponsorship application using information and knowledge from working with you on the previous event/s such as how much water was used, location, number of attendees, communication, promotional opportunities provided and whether photographs were supplied.

Contact us via email

For more information on our Hydration Stations, contact our team on

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