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We get that there’s quite a lot of information on your bill. The below will help explain all the different parts.

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Here’s what a typical bill looks like

Your bill will arrive quarterly

That means you’ll receive your bill every three months via email or post - whichever you’ve set as your preference. Find monthly or fortnightly payments easier to manage? No problem. Let’s set up a payment plan that works for you.

How we calculate your total bill

Water use charge (measuring how much water you used in that period) + any additional service charges.

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Is your bill higher than expected?

We’ll help you figure out why you might have received a higher bill than you were expecting.

Are you a renter?

In most cases, you’re responsible for paying the water usage and sewerage disposal charges only.

Are you a rental provider?

You’re usually responsible for paying the service charges which cover the service of water, sewerage and drainage. You can’t pass these charges on to a renter.

If you’re the rental provider of a property that shares a meter (for example a block of units), you’re also responsible for a percentage of the total water used by all residents on the property. 

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