Say hello to digital water meters

When it comes to managing your water use, we know that every drop counts. Which is why we're rolling out digital water meters across Melbourne’s South East. Digital water meters help you understand water usage in your home, find leaks and save on water bills. And that’s only for starters. 

The perks of going digital 

Cut the costly leaks​

If your meter detects a continuous water flow, there’s a good chance it’s a leak. We’ll let you know as soon as this happens, so you can quickly fix the issue.

Crystal clear data​

With access to daily data, you can better understand your water use (and even save on bills). Keep track online by signing up to mySouthEastWater ​

More personalised service​

Having a digital meter means we can look to build new services such as predicting your bill, or usage change notifications.  ​

Exciting research and trials​

We’ll keep you in the loop about water saving programs to get involved in.​

Save money with leak alerts

Money, like water, is much better saved. And with your new digital water meter, you can do both. 

How leak notifications work​

1. Your digital water meter alerts us about unusual water usage. (e.g., you don’t always have your taps on, so if water doesn’t stop flowing through your meter, particularly during the night when you’re most likely sleeping, you have a continuous flow.). ​

2. You’ll get a leak notification by SMS, email or letter. ​

To check for leaks on your property please read through our step by step instructions provided in the ‘check for leaks' checklist.   ​

Received a notification but can't find a leak?

It can happen sometimes, but there’s usually a good reason. Notifications like this can be caused when: ​

  • backyard pools are being filled  ​
  • water tanks use auto top-up​
  • evaporative air conditioners are on for a long time, or ​
  • if irrigation systems are set for an extended period.

Check for leaks

Read our handy tips for finding and fixing leaks fast.

Crystal clear data

A digital water meter provides you access to your personal water usage at mySouthEastWater You can view it monthly, daily or even hourly - which comes in handy when you’re on a mission to save water and money.  ​

Your water is your business​

Your water usage data will never be shared with anyone but you. So, if you’re a renter at a property with a digital meter and the water account is in your name, the rental provider won't be able to see your water usage data.

Things to keep in mind​
  • Usage data is refreshed daily by 9am with the previous days usage. ​
  • Usage data is presented in litres. ​
  • Bills are calculated in kilolitres  - there are 1,000 litres in a kilolitre. ​
  • Digital recycled water meters are shown separately on mySouthEastWater
Update your details and get notified quickly

To save money sooner on costly leaks, get notified as quickly as possible by providing us with your mobile or email details. Log in or register, all you need is a copy of your bill.

Digital meter FAQs

Want to know more about digital meters?

Getting a read on your water meter

There are different types of water meters around Melbourne. To make things simple, we've put together a guide on how to read your meter, so you'll know exactly how to track your water use. 

More information

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Media enquiries

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Melbourne working together

We’re collaborating with Greater Western Water and Yarra Valley Water on the benefits of digital meters.