Collaborating to explore customer and business benefits gained from digital technology

We are working together with Greater Western Water and Yarra Valley Water to explore whether upgrading Melbourne’s existing meter fleet to digital water meters will provide value to customers, the community and our utilities.

What are the benefits of digital water meters?

We’re trialling digital meter technology which in future may be enabled to record and relay information every day, including:

  • your water usage, enabling you to be more aware of how much water you’re using
  • potential leaks on your property through a leak alert, so you can fix the leak quickly, saving you water and saving on your bill

By providing regular water usage readings, in future digital meters may also help us identify bursts and leaks in the water network and at customers’ properties quickly, so timely action can be taken to reduce water losses.

What work is being done as part of the Digital Metering Joint Program?

The three metropolitan Melbourne water utilities are working towards making a decision as to if or when an upgrade to the meter fleet could occur. There is a lot of work to do before this decision can be made.

Customer research

The water utilities are working together to understand the views of our customers in relation to the future of water meters and the benefits they could receive. Customers have told us they support upgrading our network to digital meters to help both the water utilities and customers manage our water more sustainably. We’ll continue to listen to our customers to guide our decisions.

Technology trials

As part of the program, we’re trialing new technologies in metering and communications, and testing the market.

Financial implications

We’re working to understand the financial implications of digital meters. We would only proceed with digital meters if it delivers value and benefits to customers.

Thorough analysis

By combining the experience and technical capabilities of the three metropolitan Melbourne water utilities, together with expert advice and checks, we will be able to thoroughly assess if digital water meters are viable and deliver benefits to our customers, the community and the utilities.

The move also requires support from:

  • customers
  • State Government of Victoria
  • Essential Services Commission (independent industry regulator for the water utilities.

Digital water meters

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