Commercial trade waste contains food, fat, oil and grease which can solidify in sewers. If not managed appropriately, this can cause sewer blockages which may lead to sewer spills within your property or downstream in the sewer network. 

Commercial (and sometimes industrial) customers will normally need a food and oil interceptor (FOI) installed to pre-treat this waste before it enters the sewer system. A food and oil interceptor is a tank or pit that intercepts food, fat, oil and grease before the waste enters the sewer. Sometimes they're called a grease trap.

Regular pump-outs of food and oil interceptors are required as the fat, oil and settled food particles and solids accumulate over time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the food and oil interceptor is pumped out at the intervals stated in your commercial trade waste consent. Typically, we require them to be pumped out every four months.

Remember, if you fail to pump out your grease trap at the required frequency, you will be subject to our non-compliance process.


There are guidelines below on how a food and oil interceptor (afet FOI) size is determined.

After you receive your trade waste consent, check with your council on the proposed location for a food and oil interceptors prior to arranging its installation. There is an accredited food and oil interceptor installers list, along with standard drawings and mandatory installation directions for plumbers to adhere to for trade waste pre-treatment devices.


Your plumber will need to apply for a plumbing application to connect to our sewerage assets when installing a food and oil interceptor. Apply here.


Together with the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA), we have implemented a system called ‘Wastelog’ to monitor food and oil interceptor pump-outs. It enables Environment Protection Authority (EPA) licenced waste contractors to register all food and oil interceptor pump-outs within our area of operation. Participating Wastelog transporters can automatically schedule and register your grease interceptor pump-outs. Have a look at our list of registered food and oil interceptor waste transporters below. This service simplifies the process and removes the need for customers to arrange a transporter every time a pump-out is required.

Contractors can access the Wastelog system online.


Plumbing application

Plumbers can apply for a for a plumbing application here.

Plumbers' Standard Drawings and Guidelines

Minimum requirements for commercial and industrial trade waste treatment equipment available for download.


Portal for waste transporters to record customer food and oil interceptor pump-outs.

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