Class A recycled water

Class A recycled water is a sustainable alternative water source available at many residential developments across Melbourne’s outer south east. We’re expanding our recycled water network every year to make it available to more customers and reduce pressure on our precious water supplies.

Installing recycled water connections

We’ve outlined our requirements for installing recycled water in our Connecting to Recycled Water Guide. The guide supports the industry requirements outlined in the Australian Standard for Water Services and the Plumbing Industry Commission’s Recycled Water Plumbing Guide.

Recycled water plumbing inspections

If you’re a plumber working on recycled water connections, you’ll need to book in an inspection with us at each of the following stages:

  • Stage one: completion of pipework between the water meter and the dwelling
  • Stage two: completing of the roughing-in of the pipework inside the dwelling (before wall lining is installed)
  • Stage three: at works commissioning stage (before anyone has moved in).

How to book a recycled water inspection

You can request a recycled water inspection using Property Connect or by calling us on (03) 9552 3219. Please include the following information with your request:

  1. What date the site will be ready for inspection (you’ll need to provide at least one business day’s notice)
  2. Inspection type – is it stage one, two or three?
  3. PIC number
  4. Site address
  5. Plumber’s details, including: name, company, mobile number and email address
Learn more about booking recycled water plumbing inspections and terms and conditions.

What can customers use recycled water for?

There are so many ways customers can use recycled water and reduce our reliance on drinking water.

At home

Recycled water is great for

  • Washing clothes 

  • Cleaning outside areas, including outdoor furniture

  • Flushing toilets

  • Washing cars (on the lawn only) 

  • Watering lawns

  • Watering plants and vegetables in the garden

  • Fighting fires

  • Filling your pet’s water bowl (it’s safe for all animals except pigs)

You can't use recycled water for

  • Drinking, cooking with or using in the kitchen

  • Filling children’s water toys

  • Filling swimming pools or spas

  • Operating evaporative cooling systems

  • Showering or bathing

  • Connecting handheld sprays to your toilet

Commercial uses

Recycled water is ideal for irrigating some of those places we all enjoy as Melburnians, like sports grounds, parks and public spaces.

Outside of the urban area we also provide recycled water to a range of businesses such as market gardens, wineries, golf courses, turf farms, fodder production, wholesale nurseries and for sand mining.

Plumbing recycled water and rainwater

These Guidelines for recycled water and rainwater in medium to high density developments provide references and instructions to assist practitioners where recycled water and rainwater are plumbed to indoor and outdoor appliances, through common infrastructure for suitable non-drinking purposes.

Fishermans Bend

These guidelines apply for new developments where alternative water will be supplied in urban apartments buildings like in Fishermans Bend.