Could your school be saving millions of litres of water each year?

Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) helps Victorian Primary and Secondary schools to continuously track their water usage.

A State Government initiative since 2012, hundreds of schools in our service region have seen the benefits of the SWEP program, helping them to boost water efficiency and save money. South East Water encourages all schools within our service area to take advantage of the program. 

It’s quick and easy – SWEP will install a data logger on your school’s water meter, allowing you to track how much water is being used. You’ll be able to detect leaks and see where your water is going. A leak can be detected even before it shows up in the ground, so you can act quickly to save both water and money.

It’s not just about identifying broken pipes

According to SWEP, 80% of the program’s savings have come from early identification and repair of everyday fittings and fixtures like leaky evaporative air conditioners and sticking toilet cisterns.

  • $585,000 or 117 million litres of drinking water was saved in 2022 by our region’s 320 schools already signed up.
  • Since 2012, schools in our area have saved 1.9 billion litres of water, which would have cost them more than $7.8 million

SWEP is a great way for your school to potentially save money, be more sustainable and make a big impact on the environment.  

Monitor and measure

You’ll have access via the SWEP website to a tailored curriculum program allowing you to use your school’s water data when teaching mathematics and science, it also provides students with water saving messages and activities.

1.  Jump onto the SWEP website and register online here.

Here’s what you’ll need when registering:

  • Number of students and teachers at your school
  • Your water bill account number
  • The name of your water corporation: South East Water
  • A picture of your school’s water meter/s

2. SWEP will contact you to arrange a time to install the data loggers on the water meters. Installation takes only minutes, no need to turn the water off.

3. You’ll now have access to a personalised website to track and record water use, plus curriculum materials to support the program with great class activities.

SWEP is a 3-year commitment with the Victorian Government funding the 1st year. After this schools will be required to pay a data hosting and access fee of $150 per year (plus GST). 

Schools can also elect to buy additional data loggers and these will be at a reduced rate.

SWEP is funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), the Victorian Department of Education and Training, and South East Water.

Contact or to read the case studies and learn more, visit

Download the SWEP Brochure.

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