The hydrant permit scheme provides permission for drawing water from hydrants and fire plugs.

We've developed Hydro Trak, a web–based hydrant monitoring system, to improve our ability to monitor water withdrawn and maintain water quality throughout our network. You can access application forms, permit renewals and monthly water usage logging within the system.

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At a glance:

  • Hydro Trak removes paper trail for permit holders
  • easy to use and unobtrusive unit mounted to permit vehicles
  • reporting in real-time for ease of administration
  • online permit application process.

Hydro Trak provides the driver of a hydrant permit vehicle with a small unit which is mounted inside their vehicle. The driver simply presses the button before withdrawing water from the hydrant. This sends a coded message containing the location coordinates and a vehicle identifier to South East Water.

The information is then displayed in real-time on a web-based mapping interface, which allows for immediate verification and queries regarding Hydrant Permit Vehicles. It also removes the need for cumbersome paperwork to be completed by the Hydrant Permit vehicle drivers.

How does it work?

Prior to withdrawing water from a South East Water Hydrant, the driver of a Hydrant Permit Holder vehicle needs to press the button on the unit once.

It is the responsibility of the Hydrant Permit Holder to ensure that the driver of each vehicle is aware of the requirements to use Hydro Trak before withdrawing water from a South East Water Hydrant. Failure to press the button before withdrawing water is a breach of the terms and conditions of the Hydrant Permit and South East Water reserves the right to cancel a Hydrant Permit where these conditions are not met.


  • simple and easy to use
  • unit activated only when button pressed
  • fill locations displayed on a mapping interface
  • small unobtrusive unit easily attached to the vehicle
  • web-based permit application/renewal process.


  • no paperwork required for hydrant permit holders
  • saves permit holder vehicle drivers time and effort
  • improves South East Water ability to respond to water quality complaints
  • reduces administration time
  • immediate/real-time visibility of hydrant filling locations.

Hydro Trak units will not be activated for GPS tracking of vehicles, they will only send a set of location coordinates when the button is pressed.