We use water meters to charge you correctly for your water use. 

All our meters are tested for accuracy before we install them at your property. But if there’s something wrong with your meter, we’re here to help.

My water meter is damaged

Water meters are sometimes knocked around by lawn mowers and during renovations. They’re even run over by cars.

Typical faults or damage can include:

  • Your meter is leaking
  • You can't shut off your water
  • You have reduced water pressure
  • Your meter is noisy
  • Your meter dial is unreadable
  • Your meter is not registering or turning
My meter is leaking, can't shut off or is noisy

Log the issue online.

The numbers on my water meter are turning

If this happens even when the water is off, you may have a leak. Check our handy guide on how to check for leaks—it could save you bucket loads.

My meter is damaged

If your water meter is, get in touch with us on 13 28 12. We’ll discuss the state of your meter and determine whether it’s just suffered cosmetic damage or we need to send someone out to replace it.

If we do need to replace your meter, there will be a cost to the property owner or the person that caused the damage.

There’s a lock on my meter

Sometimes a lock is placed on a water meter to restrict water flow. Give us a call to discuss on 13 18 51.

If there’s a lock on a purple recycled water meter, the property owner might need to contact their builder.

My water meter was stolen

If your water meter has disappeared without a trace, give our Faults and Emergencies team a call on 13 28 12. Remember to report the theft to the police as soon as you can too.

Problem still not solved?

Make an enquiry online. We’ll do our best to get back to you within three business days.

How to read your water meter

Knowing how to read your water meter can help you check how much water you’re using and identify leaks.

Check your previous usage

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