Learn more about our most precious resource and how we can work together to look after it

How can I save water?

Melburnians use millions of litres of water every day. As our population grows and our environment changes, it's important we make every drop count. 

Water education

Water literacy gives everyone a chance to understand the water cycle and the challenges we face.

Water quality

Find out what happens behind the scenes to ensure that each time you turn on the tap, you enjoy some of the best drinking water in the world. 

Where does my water come from?

A large proportion of your drinking water comes from catchments in protected or uninhabited mountain ash forests high in the Yarra Ranges which are reserved for harvesting water. 


As well as delivering safe, clean and reliable water to you, it’s also our job to take it away once it's used.

Easy English about your water

An Easy English booklet on South East Waters role with water, where it comes from, where your water goes, who can fix a water problem and what you pay for.