Say hello to digital water meters  



Can I choose how often I'm billed?

No, there won’t be any change to the timing of your water bill, and you will continue receiving it every 3 months.

If you’re still receiving a printed bill in the mail, now is a great opportunity to take a pass on paper and switch to eBills You’ll need your account number handy. 

However, if you prefer to pay your bill monthly or fortnightly, you can set up a payment plan by registering or logging into mySouthEastWater.

Will my water prices change?


Good news you won’t see any changes to prices. They are set for the 2018–23 period by our regulator, the Essential Services Commission, You’ll continue to be charged for your water usage as you currently are.

You can read more information on our prices and charges here.


We don't recommend covering the meter as it could block the signal and reduce the battery life. 

The battery should last at least 10 years.

The digital meter monitors the temperature of the water and alerts us when it’s too cold and close to freezing.


No, the digital meter does not use your Wifi.

Don’t worry there’s nothing in the digital water meter that would let this to happen. 

Digital water meters won’t impact on your water quality because there’s no connection between the two.

Yes, the meter will remain on the property. You don’t need to do anything as it will be just like having a traditional mechanical meter.


You can register on our customer portal mySouthEastWater and keep up-to-date with your water usage.

As your home's water meter is our asset, your rental provider or property owner's permission isn't needed for us to exchange it.


We appreciate the importance of protecting your personal information and recognise the trust placed in us when you supply us your personal information. We are bound by the Information Privacy Principles (“IPP’s”) under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) in the way that we handle personal information.


We are also bound by the Health Privacy Principles (“HPPs”) under the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) in the way that we handle health information. To comply with the IPPs and HPPs and in recognition of your trust in us, we have implemented a privacy charter. This charter explains how we handle personal information relating to individuals, whether or not they are customers. Nothing in this charter limits any of our other obligations at law. 


 Your contact details are collected for the following reasons:

1. To send through your water bill

2. To notify you of potential leaks on your property or any emergency water works in your neighbourhood

3. To send you other relevant information about South East Water

There is no personal information held within the meter.

South East water collects the following data through the digital meter:

1.     Water usage data

2.     Meter performance - This shows how long it takes to connect to the network to ensure your meter is working properly

3.     Network related information including temperature, water pressure, signal strength and tamper alarms

The communication technologies used in our digital meters are low level radiofrequency (RF) waves and are well within the Australian Safety Standards. They are lower levels of RF waves than that what’s produced by mobile phones or baby monitors.





Find out how to read your digital water meter

It's easy to read your meter, simply press on the three dots and navigate through the categories.