If your bill is higher than expected, there could be a few reasons why. Here are some suggestions to help you work out the cause of a high bill.

Why is my bill higher than expected?

  1. Check your water meter readings

    If we couldn't access your water meter we may have estimated your reading based on how much water you've used in the past. This might be more or less than you actually used.

    If we can’t access your meter, we’ll leave a card in your letterbox asking you to read your water meter and tell us the results. You can also do this if your meter has been read but you think we got it wrong.

  2. Have you been using more water than usual?

    It could be anything from watering thirsty plants during a spell of hot weather, to having more people than usual in your home and using the toilets, sinks and showers more often.

    Here are some simple ways to use less water, which may also help you save on your bill.

  3. Do a quick check for leaks

    Fixing just one leaky tap could save bucket loads. As much as 20,000 litres a year in fact.

    Here are some handy tips on how to check for leaks.

  4. It might be the Parks charge, which is now quarterly 

    If you’re bill is higher than expected, it may be due to the Parks charge. Although it is now being charged quarterly instead of annually, it will now appear as a smaller amount on each quarterly bill.

    It’s a levy that’s been around since the 1950s. Every property owner chips in and it goes towards maintaining the parks, gardens and cultural sights we all enjoy as Victorians.

    To find out more visit Parks Victoria.

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