We’re only a bucket of water away.

As a city, we’re using the same amount of water as we did in 1980 – even though our population has doubled. It just goes to show that Melbourne’s a water wise city.

Let’s stay this way as our population continues to grow and dry conditions impact our water storages. 

Target 150 is a voluntary program that encourages every Melburnian to save water and keep us below 150 litres of water per person, per day.

How are you measuring up?

On average, most of us use 161 litres a day. To find out how you’re going, use this handy water use calculator.

You can calculate this yourself too. Simply divide your household’s average daily water use by the number of people in your household.

Check out these simple tips to help make every drop count.  

Is your household meeting Target 150?

Number of people in your household

Daily target (L)

Green icons representing a one person household


Green icons representing a two person household


Green icons representing a three person household


Green icons representing a four person household


Green icons representing a five person household


Ways you can make every drop count

  1. Fix a dripping tap

    It might be as straightforward as replacing the washer or turning your taps off tightly.

  2. Water your garden early (or late)

    Giving plants a drink during cooler hours of the day reduces evaporation, so more water reaches the roots. If it’s forecast to rain, why water at all?

  3. Use half flush (when you can)

    Most Melbourne homes now have a dual flush toilet. Do you? Switching is a great way to save.

  4. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

    That’s two minutes of drinking water saved from the drain every time you brush.

  5. Use the eco settings on your appliances

    Save water just by choosing a different cycle on your washing machine or dishwasher. Look out for the ‘eco’ cycle.

  6. Shave a minute off your shower time

    In 2017-18, the average shower time was seven minutes. The impact would be massive if we all turned off the taps just one minute earlier.

Smart water advice

Get more tips from our water efficiency partner, Smart Approved WaterMark, on how to be smarter with water at home, in the garden and at work. 

Planning for the future with desalinated water

So you can always rely on us for clean, safe drinking water.

Check your previous usage

Have a mySouthEastWater account? Sign in or create an account to check your billing history.

Digital metering

We're trialling new digital meter technology by installing digital meters in thousands of Melbourne homes, so we can spot things like leaks early, before they become a big problem.