The science is in

Climate change is happening and it is caused by human activity. The international community has agreed to reduce global temperatures to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels (ideally down to 1.5°C ) and we're eager to do our part. Meeting this goal will need global emissions to be net zero and we've pledged to reach that target by 2030. We might have to take this further, so we need to stay aware of recent changes so we can respond as fast as possible. Climate change is already impacting our business and further impacts are expected. The weather is going to be warmer and drier and natural disasters more severe and common. Our customers expect safe and reliable services in all conditions and we intend to provide them.

Climate change is a complicated issue, constantly evolving and changing. It creates a number of unexpected threats and we need to be prepared for as many circumstances as we can. The science that describes this is equally complex and we have to understand many different things to respond effectively for our customers. Climate change knowledge is not uniform in Australia, but we are lucky that there is more information in our area than usual and we can use that to fuel our understanding. We have a good understanding of the problems we will face. In Victoria we have our own set of climate change projections.