Somerville Primary School students will be tapping into water savings thanks to a South East Water $8,000 community grant.

The funding was used to upgrade the school’s drinking water trough so students can easily fill up their reusable water bottles with tap water. Taps in the toilets have also been replaced with water wise timed taps to prevent water wastage.

Priority Plumbing, also kindly donated $2,000 towards the taps and installation.

The 2022 Community Grants Program is supporting 16 community groups to help bring their community projects to life. The annual program is now in its third year and is part of a Five-Year Customer Commitment to support the community in areas of affordability, environment, health and liveability, and water security and literacy. The program builds on South East Water’s purpose to deliver healthy water for life for our customers, community and environment.

South East Water Managing Director, Lara Olsen said it’s great to help the next generation learn all about saving water, money and the environment. 

“Small changes like upgrading taps can make a big difference when it comes to saving water and money. The new taps come with a spring-loaded timer so you can't leave them running - with over 300 students that's a lot of water saved."

Staying hydrated is also really important for a healthy mind and body, so it's great that these improvements will encourage students to drink more tap water. We've got some of the best tasting water in the world and it's so much cheaper than bottled drinks which can end up in landfill.

We appreciate that our local schools are teaching these valuable lessons at such a young age."
South East Water Managing Director, Lara Olsen

Somerville Primary School Principal, David Tapp said Somerville Primary School is committed to being a sustainable school with a clear Environmental Focus. 

“The South East Water grant enabled us to upgrade the Hydration Station from the old style drinking trough to a new area where students can refill their drink bottles.

The feedback from our Student Leaders has been it's easy to refill their drink bottles as they fit under the taps easily. It's more sustainable for us to re-fill our drink bottles.

The new taps in the toilets help us to reduce water waste and all the kids use them." 
Somerville Primary School Principal, David Tapp

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Group photo:
Back row - Aaron Ludewig, Priority Plumbing; Somerville Primary School Principal David Tapp Front row - Somerville Primary School Assistant Principal Shane Gagiero; Kristal Woodhouse, Priority Plumbing; Lara Olsen, Managing Director, South East Water; School Leaders Charlotte and Hayley.

Student photo: School Leaders Charlotte and Hayley.

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