South East Water’s record $1.5 billion investment in major capital projects is officially underway with works awarded to new industry partners Abergeldie, BMD & KBR (ABK) and BecaHunterH20, Fulton Hogan & Interflow (BFHI). 

The 10-year contract will see BFHI and ABK plan and deliver major infrastructure upgrades in partnership with South East Water as part of a new integrated capital works planning and delivery model. 

Minister for Water, Harriet Shing, today announced the contract for the shovel-ready $72 million Dingley Recycled Water Scheme has been awarded to ABK, which will kick off the partnership. The 42km pipeline will unlock 1.8 giga litres per annum of recycled water to 46 public and private sites across Oakleigh South, Sandringham and Cheltenham. 

The project, co-funded by the Victorian Government and South East Water, will generate $92 million for the local economy and support local communities with over 240 jobs for international golf tourism, agriculture and nursery businesses in the region.

The Victorian Government contributed $24.8 million to the project as part of its commitment to building liveable, climate-resilient cities that will be enjoyed by a growing population over the next 50 years.

Other awarded shovel-ready projects include:

  • Mount Martha Water Recycling Plant clarifier upgrade ($32 million) – BFHI

  • Caulfield West branch sewer renewal ($4 million) – BFHI

  • Water main renewals ($4.7 million) – ABK

South East Water Managing Director, Lara Olsen said the new partnership brought opportunities for innovation and optimisation in the organisation’s delivery of essential infrastructure across Melbourne’s south-east.

“We’re thrilled to welcome ABK and BFHI to the South East Water team and look forward to working together to ensure quality and reliable water, sewerage and recycled water services for 1.8 million people, now and into the future”.
South East Water Managing Director, Lara Olsen

ABK Program Director Daniel Turcinovich said ABK was thrilled to be partnering with South East Water and the BFHI team in such a collaborative Integrated Planning and Delivery model. 

“Together, we will embrace our collective diversity to provide value driven outcomes for South East Water, its customers, and the broader community,” said Mr Turcinovich. 

BFHI Program Director Martin Sutherland also welcomed the news. 

“BFHI is very excited to be part of this journey in the next evolution of integrated capital works planning and delivery to best serve Melbourne’s South East community.   

“This 10 year program provides a special opportunity to work and grow within a truly integrated partnership with both South East Water and ABK and realise the many benefits and efficiencies for end users.  The BFHI team and I are delighted to be part of this collaboration,” said Mr Sutherland.

South East Water’s major projects form part of the organisation’s record-breaking $1.9 billion infrastructure program highlighted in its 5-year customer commitment recently endorsed by the Essential Services Commission.

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Image above: Chadwick Reserve (managed by City of Kingston) will be one of the first areas to be connected to the $72 million Dingley Recycled Water Scheme.

Top image:  
South East Water will deliver a major infrastructure upgrade to its Mount Martha Water Recycling Plant in partnership with Fulton Hogan & Interflow (BFHI) as part of the new integrated capital works planning and delivery model.

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