The Lighthouse Foundation has created a therapeutic and sustainable garden at their home for vulnerable young people in Frankston City.  
With help of a South East Water community grant, the vegetable and herb garden has blossomed into an outdoor sanctuary where young residents can learn new skills, connect and engage through nature-based activities, and gain a sense of accomplishment. 
The community grant helped to purchase a new 2,500-litre rainwater tank to keep the garden green all year round, with installation donated by Priority Plumbing. 

Lighthouse Foundation Grant Manager, Geraldine Taylor said the project provided valuable support for the physical and mental wellbeing of residents at the home.  

"We’ve been able to convert what was an empty space into a welcome environment for leisure, therapeutic care, education and connection building between the community and the vulnerable youth living in the home. We are very grateful to South East Water and Priority Plumbing.”
Lighthouse Foundation Grant Manager, Geraldine Taylor

South East Water General Manager Strategy and Stakeholder, Karen Lau said the project makes a positive difference for the community and the natural environment. 

“Using rainwater tanks in gardens is a sustainable initiative that protects our precious drinking water supplies. 

“We also extend our thanks to The Lighthouse Foundation for involving us in such a rewarding project”, said Ms Lau. 
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Priority Plumbing is managed by Iota, a wholly owned subsidiary of South East Water.
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Charmaine White and Catherine Gayed from The Lighthouse Foundation, who used a South East Water community grant to create a therapeutic and sustainable garden at their home for young people experiencing vulnerability in Frankston.

L-R: Nathan Chandler from Priority Plumbing; South East Water Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Anita McKenzie; Ken Grigg from Priority Plumbing; Catherine Gayed and Charmaine White and  from The Lighthouse Foundation.

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