We’re thrilled to share with our community that Reconciliation Australia has endorsed our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

Our reconciliation journey started back in 2017, when we implemented a formal Aboriginal Engagement Strategy. We’re really proud to now reach a new milestone on our journey with our Innovate RAP.

We’ve set 20 actions for our RAP, which focus on the themes of relationships, respect, opportunities and governance. We’ve already acted on a number of our objectives, including:

  • working with a First Nation artist to produce a beautiful artwork which is a map of the area we service based on the artist’s understanding of how Country is made up
  • offering annual summer internships for at least three First Nations people each year
  • engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to consult on our recruitment, retention and professional development strategy
  • kicking off meetings for our RAP working group in September 2020, which includes three external community members – respected Bunurong Elder, Uncle Anthony Egan; the Executive Officer of Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association, Peter Aldenhoven; and Sharon Brindley founder of the Cooee Café where she introduces the flavours of our First Nations People to all Australians
  • Dan Turbull, CEO of the Bunurong Land Council and Aboriginal Corporation as a member of our Customer and Community Advisory Committee.
 “We know we have a long road ahead, but we’re excited to be on this path to developing and enabling opportunities for collaboration, custodianship, empowerment and knowledge sharing with First Nations peoples – with meaningful relationships at the center of it all.” 
 - South East Water’s Managing Director, Lara Olsen.

Our RAP is complemented by an artwork from Bunurong artist, Adam Magennis. The artwork is a visual story of our RAP, providing an abstract insight into the cultural landscape of our service region, highlighting landmarks of historical and cultural significance for First Peoples.

We unveiled our RAP artwork at an internal celebration in December 2019, and it now hangs proudly at the entrance of our WatersEdge HQ.

Read our Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-2022.

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