Kingston, Monash and Bayside communities will soon benefit from a new pipeline delivering recycled water to local businesses, golf courses, sports ovals and parks.

Minister for Water Lisa Neville today announced $24.8 million from the Victorian Budget 2022/23 for the Dingley Recycled Water Scheme.

The new 42 km pipeline will deliver recycled water to 46 sites, including parks, world-class golf courses, sports ovals, laundromats, market gardens and nurseries while preserving our drinking water supply.

The project will unlock 1.8 billion litres of recycled water each year, enough to fill Albert Park Lake more than two and a half times.

The construction stage will generate around 38 full-time jobs. Once complete the project will support international golf tourism which generates 240 jobs and provide a climate resilient source of water for connected local businesses in the event of drought. The project is set generate $92 million for the local economy.

Investing in recycled water infrastructure supports Victoria’s response to climate change impacts. It allows parkland and golf courses to remain green during dry spells, open up new horticulture business opportunities and tourism, and provide the community with high quality public open space all year round.

The new pipeline will help diversify Victoria’s water sources and meet future water demands of our growing population without impacting on our drinking water supply.

“Using more recycled water responds to the needs of our growing population sustainably by delivering green public spaces all year round without impacting our drinking water supply."

"Those who remember the Milennium drought in the 2000s will know the impact on businesses, parks and sporting fields and communities - this initiative will provide a rainfall independent water supply. ” 
Minister for Water, Lisa Neville

“Recycled water projects help build resilience into our water systems, strengthening our entire water supply network and helping more of our customers and the community to harness the benefits of a rain independent source of high-quality water."
South East Water Acting Managing Director - Charlie Littlefair

This funding is part of $56.6 million investment announced in the Victorian Budget 2022/23 to support the delivery of the Central and Gippsland Regional Sustainable Water Strategy. The strategy sets out our long-term plan to improve water security, liveability, and waterway health for the next 50 years.

The Dingley Recycled Water Scheme will cost a total of $72 million, part funded by South East Water. Recycled water is expected to become available by 2025.

Top: The Hon Lisa Neville MP - Minister for Water; Danny Selzer - Director Dan's Plants; Charlie Littlefair - Acting Managing South East Water.

Middle: The Hon Martin Pakula MP - Member for Keysborough, Minister for Industry Support and Recovery, Minister for Trade, Minister for Business PrecinctsThe Hon Lisa Neville MP - Minister for Water.

Bottom: (L-R) Meng Heang Tak MP - Member for Clarinda; Charlie Littlefair - Acting Managing South East Water; Kim McGrath - Deputy Chair South East Water; Danny Selzer - Director Dan's Plants; Tien Kieu MP - Labor Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region Victorian Legislative Council; Lee Tarlamis MP - Labor Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region Victorian Legislative Council.

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