Policies and governance

Family violence support policy

South East Water is committed to promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and customers. Any employee or customer who is experiencing or are impacted by family violence will be supported in line with this policy. Our commitment is to:

  • Provide a supportive environment where employees and customers can safely and confidentially report, disclose and request support for family violence related concerns in accordance with the mechanisms outlined in our procedures.
  • Recognise that people of any gender can be affected by family violence and that the impact is not restricted to private life but can extend to the work environment.

To obtain a copy of the family violence policy or for further information email support@sew.com.au.

Our Statement of Intent provides information for our customers, stakeholders and current and future employees on our organisation’s position, in relation to our values, namely "We put safety first, We’re bold, We care, We’re real, We discover and We deliver sustainably". These principles act to guide our employees, contractors and consultants as we strive every day to serve South East Water customers and the community.


  • acting in an ethical manner at all times, conducting business in an honest, open and honourable manner
  • ensuring we are aware of and comply with all relevant legislation in the performance of our duties and always operate within legal boundaries
  • ensuring compliance is effectively managed as part of the broader governance function across the business, as a means of achieving competitive advantage through cost efficiencies and enhanced public image


  • ensuring the safety of our people and our community in our relationships
  • showing the utmost care and respect towards everyone we deal with


  • a workplace free of illegal, corrupt, improper or unethical business practices being carried out under its name or conducted on its premises
  • respecting the rights of others and encouraging diversity
  • treating others including customers and the community, respectfully, fairly and objectively
  • immediately acting on behaviours such as harassment, bullying or discrimination against and encouraging unity and fairness for all employees
  • building trust, holding each other accountable and acting with integrity


  • working to ensure zero net environmental harm
  • ensuring continual improvement in our environmental performance through a certified environmental management system


  • driving and maintaining efficient business operations that underpin a sustained growth of business value
  • maintaining financial integrity through open and transparent financial and management reporting processes


  • achieving the best possible outcome for both South East Water and our customers, whether internal or external
  • showing our commitment across all areas of the business through an implemented and maintained Quality Management System

Social (customer and stakeholder)

  • striving to deliver lowest community impact
  • instilling a strong service ethos in our people
  • seeking to achieve social equity in all transactions with customers
  • striving to provide customer care but not at the impact of financial viability


  • the principles of sustainability set out in Section 93 of the Water Act in relation to social, environment and economic commitments