1. Purpose

To guide South East Water’s approach and commitments to achieving environmentally responsible and sustainable outcomes. 

2. Scope of policy

This policy applies to us at South East Water and our subsidiary, Iota Services Pty Ltd, and must be observed by all directors, employees, agents, contractors and other workers. References in this policy to us are taken to include Iota, unless the context otherwise requires.

3. Policy statement

At South East Water we’re committed to identifying and managing risks to the environment. We look to implement innovative measures that improve environmental outcomes for our customers and the broader community.

To facilitate our commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment, South East Water utilises an Environmental Management System aligned to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems.

South East Water is committed to:

  • Analysing our activities for environmental risks, and acting to mitigate these risks to the lowest risk reasonably practicable;
  • Protecting our environment for current and future generations and acknowledging that damage to the environment is likely to disproportionally impact those who are more vulnerable, including women and children;
  • Maximising resource efficiency by minimising the use of water, energy, waste production and pollution;
  • Promoting an employee culture of understanding and valuing environmental protection, including biodiversity and ecological integrity;
  • Taking responsibility for its’ impact on the environment; and
  • Making use of best available up-to-date information and, where there’s significant uncertainty in scientific knowledge, not using this as a reason for not taking action.
  • Setting high standards of environmental protection and implementing them in a commercially responsible way;
  • Creating a culture that values Traditional Owners’ ecological knowledge and where appropriate draw on their wisdom to protect and enhance biodiversity outcomes;
  • Being stewards of the natural environment in which we operate and working to minimise risk of harm, pollution or degradation;
  • Driving action to mitigate and offset greenhouse gases and adapting on a risk management basis to the impacts of climate change;
  • Being accountable environmental custodians through measuring and monitoring performance and sharing our sustainable initiatives with key stakeholders and the wider community;
  • Meeting all regulatory obligations and contributing to the development of public policy;
  • Regularly updating and improving our Environmental Management System (EMS) and certifying against AS/NZ ISO 14001; and
  • Exploring more sustainable procurement decisions across the organisation. 
4. Related policies
  • Asset Management Policy
  • Compliance Policy
  • Finance Policy
  • Quality Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
5. Legislation and related documents
  • Water Act 1989 (Vic)
  • Environment Protection Act 2017
  • Climate Change Act 20176. 
6. Accountability

The Managing Director is accountable to the Board of Directors for implementing this policy.

7. Approval

Approved by: South East Water Board of Directors

Approved on: 25 October 2021

Sponsor: General Manager, Liveable Water Solutions

Implementer: Environmental Manager

Review date: 25 October 2026