Direct debit terms and conditions 

This agreement sets out the responsibilities and obligations between South East Water, ABN 89 066 902 547 (we) and our customers (you) in regard to the use of our direct debit system.

Our commitment to you

  • We will send an account to you as normal.
  • The direct debit payment will be processed on the due date shown on your account, or if you have entered into a budget plan, debits will be processed on the agreed dates. We will not alter the frequency of direct debit payments without first consulting you and seeking prior approval.
  • We will provide you with at least 14 days notice in writing prior to making any changes to the terms of our arrangement with you.
  • In the event that a payment is due on a day which is not a working day, we will defer the processing of direct debits until the next working day. This will not impact your payment dates.
  • We will ensure that your personal details are kept strictly confidential and used only by our direct debit officers for your direct debit payments, or in accordance with this agreement, or as required by law.
  • We will handle all personal information we receive from you in accordance with our privacy charter.
  • The terms of the customer charter, or any other express agreement between you and South East Water, apply to South East Water’s services provided to you, except to the extent that those terms are inconsistent with this agreement

Your rights

  • If at any time, the direct debit system no longer suits your needs, you can withdraw from the service by contacting us on 131 851.
  • You may also withdraw in writing by giving at least 10 days' notice.
  • You may also contact your financial institution.
  • To alter a payment plan, the withdrawal must be made at least four working days from a payment date.
  • We request that all queries in relation to direct debit requests for cancellation or deferral of payments be directed to us, as the first point of contact, prior to notifying your financial institution.


  • In the event that a debit drawing is disputed, you should contact us in the first instance, or your financial institution. We will respond to the dispute within seven working days of your contact with us and will endeavour to resolve the dispute within a further seven working days. In the event that an error has been made by us, a refund equal to the disputed amount will be paid in accordance with your instructions.
  • We will, on request from your financial institution, provide information in connection with a claim made on it relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.

Your commitment to us

  • The direct debit system is not available on all accounts, so if you’re unsure about your account type or other information, such as account number or what a ‘BSB’ number is, you should contact your bank.
  • You must advise us if the nominated account is transferred or closed or if your details have changed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient clear funds are available in your nominated account at the time of payment. In the event that insufficient funds are available, you can, by contacting us or your financial institution at least four working days from a payment date, request the cancellation or deferral of a payment. In the case of deferring a quarterly payment, a quarterly payment must be deferred for a minimum of seven working days.
  • In the event that an amount is returned as unpaid from your financial institution, we will debit your account with an amount equal to the unpaid amount. Standard bank dishonour fees and normal debit fees may apply, so you should check this with your financial institution.  We reserve the right to cancel any direct debit request in the event of two or more debits being returned as unpaid. If the amount remains unpaid, it may be listed with a credit reporting agency, which could affect your credit rating.

We reserve the right to withdraw this product, stop or change individual payment plans at any time. We will provide you with 14 days prior notice of any changes.  In the event we cease to trade, all payment plans will be cancelled immediately and both you and your financial institution will be notified.

Updates to the terms and conditions
South East Water may amend or update these terms from time to time without notice to you. Such additional terms and conditions are incorporated by reference into these terms and conditions and you agree that you will comply with any additional terms and conditions that will be made available to you.  You may deregister your account at any time if you do not agree to these terms and conditions or any amendments or updates we may make from time to time.