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This is your account number. You may need to reference this if talking to a customer service operator or if you are logging into mySouthEastWater.
The amount being taken directly out of your account. If you would like to set up direct debit, login through mySouthEastWater.
Payment Plan
The amount to be paid as part of your agreed payment plan. If you would like to go on a payment plan or require assistance view our payment options.
The concession discount applied to your bill. A figure will only appear here if you have a relevant concession registered with us. See if you qualify for a concession here
The date you are required to pay your bill by.
This is the property for which these charges apply.
New charges incurred since your last bill was issued.
This is the key information about your water use and associated costs. We’ve worked out your average daily water use and the daily cost.
Authorities charges include annual parks and drainage charge. See Page 2
In addition to the current ways to pay for your bill, we have launched mySouthEastWater, an easy way for you to manage your account online anytime. Even easier with a mobile app for your iPhone!
See your average daily water usage for this bill. You can compare it to the same time last year, as well as other household in your postcode to see how you’re tracking.
Based on the number of people per household compare your daily water use with this time last year, and other people in your suburb.
Total amount due to be paid.
How your water meter was read. A means we actually read your meter, while E means we had to estimate it. If it was estimated, you can supply an actual meter reading at mySouthEastWater.
Recorded by your water meter, this charge covers the amount of water used at your property.
This cost covers the safe collection, treatment and disposal of sewage.
This is a contribution everyone makes towards the ongoing maintenance and upgrade of the water supply system that delivers water to your property.
This contributes towards the upkeep and maintenance of systems that transport waste from your property to the water recycling plant.
The Waterways and Drainage Charge helps protect and improve the health of our waterways. It also protects us from floods. This charge is collected on behalf of Melbourne Water. For more info read the factsheet now or visit melbournewater.com.au