Understand water use at home

We use water in many ways in our day-to-day lives. Common household activities such as drinking, washing and watering each rely on water.


Higher than normal water usage

Has your recent bill indicated higher than normal water usage?
First check to see if anything has changed that might increase your household water use.
Check 1 – Review your household water use

  • Have the members of your household increased
  • Visitors or guests
  • Sticking or leaking toilets
  • Increased garden watering – move to permanent water use rules
  • Garden watering system – could be on automatic or incorrectly programmed
  • Temperature variations since the last bill – higher summer use
  • Changes to household usage patterns - more bathing, or washing of vehicles, equipment or clothing
  • New plants in your garden
  • New lawn
  • Swimming pool – is it on auto fill?
  • Spa – is it on auto fill?
  • Evaporative cooler install
  • Solar water heater install
  • Water tanks - may be connected to the main
  • Health issues that increase water use
  • Cattle troughs or remote taps / switching
  • Vandalism - unauthorised access to your water supply

If you don’t find anything unusual, check these common sources of water leaks that might apply to your home:
Check 2 – Identify sources of plumbing leaks
  • Toilets, taps, shower and sink connections
  • Garden taps and hoses - including irrigation or watering systems
  • Older appliances – washing machine, dishwasher
  • Faulty ‘Pressure Temperature Relief Valve’ on your Hot Water Service
  • Evaporative cooler
  • Solar water heater
  • Faulty automatic top-up for your water tank
  • Faulty automatic top-up for your swimming pool
  • Recycled water connections or pipework (if applicable)
  • Cattle troughs (if applicable)
  • Finally, check any visible pipe work and appliances around your property and check for puddles or wet areas in lawns, ceilings or walls that might indicate a plumbing leak
Check 3 – Check for plumbing leaks

If all other possibilities have been excluded, you may have a leak in the plumbing at your property and we recommend you check for leaks. You may have a burst or leaking pipe under the house or underground in the garden. A leak test can help to confirm a leak on your property that can then be repaired by a licensed plumber.
If you do identify a leak, choose an independent plumber or contact us for advice.

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