Freedom of Information requests

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, South East Water is required to respond to requests for access to documents made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Under the Freedom of information (FOI) Act you have the right to:

  • request access to documents
  • request that incorrect or misleading information that is held about you is amended or removed.

How do I make a request?

By post:
Freedom of Information Officer
South East Water
PO Box 2268
Seaford VIC 3198

By email:

Make sure you:

Clearly describe the documents or types of documents you would like access to and advise whether you: 

  • want to inspect the documents at our offices
  • want the documents we release as hard copies
  • want the documents we release electronically
  • insist on complete documents or
  • are happy to receive documents with irrelevant or exempt material removed.

Include the application payment fee ($29.60) by:

  • sending a personal or bank cheque, made payable to South East Water Corporation
  • pay by credit card
  • ask about waiving the fee, if you are on a concession and can provide proof.

Access charges (charges for searching for and making copies of documents) may also apply to your request. If we estimate the charges will be more than $50.00, we are required to advise you of our estimated charges before we process the request. If the charge is less than $50.00, we will let you know the final charges after we process your request when we send you our decision.

What's exempt:

Some documents are exempt from release, for example if they:

  • contain trade secrets
  • may affect legal proceedings
  • affect personal privacy
  • have been submitted to State Cabinet.