Delivering for our customers and supporting our community every day   

  • Delivering high-quality, safe and reliable water and sewerage services. 
  • Upgrading and replacing assets at risk of failure to make spills and bursts less likely (and investment in smart tools to provide alerts of out-of-the-ordinary water use, resulting in fewer unplanned service disruptions or leaks - and more notice if they do happen). 
  • Tightened measures and targets related to unplanned service disruptions, and expanded and new targets for water, sewerage and water quality disruptions. 
  • More customers eligible for help, with more financial support available if you need it and extra support if your debt has become difficult to manage.​
  • Better understanding what you need and building lifelong partnerships with you. 

Our priority activity

Targets and measures

Increased investment in water quality.

Updating assets and expanding capacity through:​

  • Mount Martha Water Recycling Plant upgrade*​
  • Hanna Street capacity upgrade*​
  • Longwarry Water Recycling Plant upgrade.* 

Digital meter and sensor rollout*.  

Expanding our safety net so more customers are eligible.

Increased investment each year to support customers experiencing hardship (through a range of grants, allowances and credits).

Investing more in smart tools and using data to identify those who may need our help to reduce bill shock and their need for longer-term help.

  • Number of Safe Drinking Water Act non-compliances (water sampling and audit)*
  • Percentage of customers experiencing more than 5 unplanned disruptions in a 12-month period (water, sewer and water quality)*
  • Customers notified per unplanned water supply interruption as a percentage of customers affected*
  • Total number of customers supported (provided financial assistance)*
  • Percentage of customers with arrears older than 90 days who have received financial or payment assistance*
  • Overall community trust in South East Water (scores of 7 or above in customers surveys)*






Helping you save water and money   

  • Scaling up our digital water meter and sensor rollout, providing more customers with timely visibility of your water use, including spikes in usage that may be caused by leaks, before they impact your bill.  
  • New measures around detection of leaks, water savings and digital meters we’ve installed.

Our priority activity

Targets and measures

Digital water meter and sensor rollout*


Upgrading our organisation’s IT systems to make sure they speak seamlessly to each other and we’re better able to action the data generated by our digital rollout.  



  • Total volume of water saved through digital detection of network leaks (ML)*​

  • Customer savings realised through repair of digital meter-detected property leaks*​

  • Percentage of existing properties upgraded to a digital meter*

Making your experience better  

  • More choice in how you interact with us, including more and improved self-service options​
  • ​Using data to make sure each touchpoint we have with you is consistent and joined up, to help us build a better picture of you and what you need
  • New measures around inbound customer contact reflect our commitment to more customers finding what  you need from our self-service channels at a time that suits you. 

Our priority activity

Targets and measures

Investing more in smart tools and using improved data to build a better picture of you and what you need. 

Improving our self-service options to give you more choice in how you interact with us. 

  • Overall customer satisfaction with South East Water (scores of 7 and above in customer surveys)*
  • Total number of customers supported (provided  financial or payment assistance)* 
  • Percentage of customers with arrears older than 90 days who have received financial or payment assistance*

Protecting our environment, securing our future 

  • Acknowledging the responsibility we have to our customers, community and environment – and the impact of what we do now, into the future.
  • Continuing to focus on our commitment to reduce emissions, address impact of climate change and reconsider waste.
  • Increasing the amount of recycled water we can generate, to secure our drinking water supply.
  • Increasing capacity to address population growth in the south-east. 

Our priority activity

Targets and measures

Increased investment to work with and learn from Traditional Owners about their connection with land and water.

Continuing to focus on our commitment to net zero emissions by 2030.

Investment to deliver on our Climate Adapt Action Plan.

Expanding supply of Class A recycled water: 

  • Westernport Irrigation Scheme (Stage 1)*
  • Dingley Recycled Water Scheme*
  • Building the water recycling and mining plants at Fishermans Bend*

Upgrading wastewater treatment and resource recovery in the south-east:

  • South-east Regional Biofactory*
  • Westernport Irrigation Scheme*
  • Ballarto Road East pump station and rising main*


  • Total net greenhouse gas emissions (tCO2e)*​
  • Number of EPA  reportable sewer spills* ​
  • Water literacy of South East Water customers (captured via survey responses to a series of industry indicators)*​
  • Alternative water as a percentage of total water supplied to all customers*


*We’ll report back 6-monthly on our progress against our 2023-28 measures, targets and major projects here on our website and via socials. 


Our guaranteed service levels for 2023–28  


Our major projects and programs for 202328  

Digital water meter rollout  
  • Significantly scaling up work we started in 2018-23 to replace old mechanical meters with digital meters containing sensors right across our service region.  
  • With access to a portal, customers can monitor their water usage for any out-of-the-ordinary activity.

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Hanna Street capacity upgrade 
  • In stage 2 of the upgrade, continuing to update and increase the capacity of the 1890s-built branch sewer network in South Melbourne / Southbank to cater for population growth. 
  • Reducing the impacts of extreme wet weather events caused by climate change.  


South-east Regional Biofactory 
  • Stage 1 will involve design and early works for the new energy-efficient water treatment and recycling plant.
  • Easing capacity and accommodating growth in the south-eastern corridor.
  • Supporting emissions reduction and meeting our environmental compliance responsibilities.
Mount Martha Water Recycling Plant upgrade  
  • Updating the plant so it meets our environmental compliance responsibilities.
  • Increasing capacity and expanding life of the plant.

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Westernport Irrigation Scheme 
  • Stage 1 of the project is to expand the supply of Class A recycled water from the Pakenham Water Recycling Plant, catering for demand in the growing Casey-Cardinia region.  

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Longwarry Water Recycling Plant upgrade 
  • Stage 3 of the project will involve making sure the plant meets our environmental compliance obligations and increasing capacity to meet predicted growth in catchment. 
Fishermans Bend Water Recycling Plant and sewer connection
  • Delivering a water recycling plant to mine the city’s sewage and treat it to Class A recycled water standard, in one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects.

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Dingley Recycled Water Scheme
  • Expanding the supply of Class A recycled water to irrigate green spaces and cater for a growing population in the Dingley green wedge, through a new distribution main. 


Ballarto Rd East Pump Station and rising main
  • Building a permanent sewerage system to meet demand in the growing Clyde catchment.  
Lang Lang Water Recycling Plant upgrade
  • Stage 2 of the project will involve upgrading our disinfection processes and managing biosolids to increase capacity and meet our compliance obligations. 


Our Price Submission 2023–28

In person and online, our customers told us a consistent story about what they expect from us and what they value, as part of the customer engagement for our price submission.

Your feedback and ideas have helped shape our commitments for 202328.  

How we're tracking against our 2013–28 commitments 

We've been proud to be supporting you with reliable services and stable pricing as we've aimed to deliver against the areas you told us you value the most.