During 2021 and into 2022, over 8,600 of you shared with us your ideas, insights and hopes for the future as part of our customer engagement program for our price submission. 
Thanks for helping shape our 2023-28 customer commitments. 

What you told us

Get the basics right, always

You told us you want to be better informed about disruptions, including improved visibility of leaks on your premises and timely warnings when there are wider network disruptions.

Warn me, inform me

You told us it’s critical that the services we provide are safe and reliable. It’s important that we maintain and improve our current high levels of service and continue our innovative approach. .

Fair and affordable for all

As a provider of essential services, you expect those services and charges to be fair and affordable for everyone. You want us to continue to provide support for those in need, and to tailor this support as circumstances change. 

Make my experience better

You want an easier experience when dealing with us and, whether by digital or traditional means, one that allows you choice.

Support my community, protect our environment

You trust us to ensure long-term water security, minimise our impact on the environment and support our community.

Listening to our customers 

To make sure our proposals for 2023–28 reflected what’s important to our customers, from February 2021 we ran an extensive 18-month engagement program with a wide cross section of over 8,600 of our customers. This included those experiencing vulnerability, and the communities in which we operate.

The program aimed to test what they valued most and their willingness to pay for different services, projects, tariffs and service levels.

We connected with our customers using a range of tools. This included online surveys, deliberative online panel discussions, an online bill simulator, focus groups and workshops.

Research findings 

Through our research and engagement with residential and business customers, we were able to uncover and explore the issues important to them and their willingness to pay for different service levels. 

Our community panel

In late 2021, we collaborated with a community panel to decide the best way to reflect customer views and values in our price submission. The panel was a group of randomly selected customers from across our service region. Panel members were given information and the time to weigh up the pros and cons and consider the trade-offs associated with a range of issues.

Based on community input, and combined with new insights and knowledge they gained from online workshops, the panel developed a set of recommendations about different options for our future prices and services. We considered these recommendations thoroughly and they helped shape the proposals we presented to the ESC. 


Checking back 

In May 2022, we checked back with our community panel members to see how closely key elements of our proposals aligned to the recommendations they had made.

We were pleased to see that they unanimously endorsed our proposals.

We also reported back to stakeholders who had provided input to let them know how their feedback had helped shape our submission. 

Our 5-year customer commitment (2023-28)

We've committed to improving our services to you, and planning for the future.