Why be water wise?

The forecast is in. Melbourne is set for a warmer-than-average summer.

You can read about it online in our Water Outlook 2020. It’s put together by Melbourne’s four metropolitan water authorities and reports on:

  • the security of our city’s water supplies
  • the actions we’re taking as water retailers to ensure there’s water for everyone.

How you can help

While we all need water, especially when it’s warm, 64 per cent of Melbourne’s water is used in homes.

This means we all play an important role in helping to secure our water supplies, even with our industry’s careful planning and top ups from the desalination plant.

And it means that all of our everyday actions, however big or small, add up. Even pressing ‘half flush’ when you can. Or turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.

The videos on this page have lots of great tips to help you use water wisely. For more, you can visit our water efficiency partner, Smart Approved WaterMark.

Or check out the summer savvy customers profiled on our YouTube channel.

Don't forget that Permanent Water Use Rules remain in place for all Melburnians.

Want to know more?

Read our Urban Water Strategy to learn about the actions we’re taking to secure water supplies in Melbourne’s south east over the next 50 years.

If English isn’t your first language, our Easy English guide to being water wise can help.