Moving in or out


As a tenant it’s your responsibility to let us know you’re moving out of a property. Please provide at least two business days’ notice so we can read your meter and close your account at this property. This will avoid you being liable for usage charges until the next meter read is taken at the property.

If you are moving out complete the online form here.

  • I’m a tenant moving out
  • If you’re moving in, it’s the responsibility of your landlord or property manager to let us know and provide us with your details.

    Please remember if you hold an eligible concession card, be sure to let us know when you move so you can continue to receive your discount

    Charges you are responsible for:

    As a tenant at a residential property with a separate water meter you are responsible for:

    • Water Usage Charge
    • Sewage Disposal Charge

    Landlords and managing agents

    As the owner/landlord or managing agent of a residential property that is separately metered, you’re responsible for informing us that a tenant is moving in and for providing their details. However, it‘s your tenant’s responsibility to tell us when they’re moving out.

    It’s quick and easy to tell us a tenant is moving in through this online form.

  • I have a tenant moving in
  • If you fail to provide these details, as the landlord, you may be held responsible for the tenant’s water usage and sewage disposal charges.

    Charges you are responsible for:

    If you have a tenant in your separately metered residential property you will be responsible for the:

    • Water Service Charge
    • Sewer Service Charge
    • Waterways and Drainage Charge
    • Parks Charge (an annual charge)

    Owner occupier

    If you've purchased or are selling a property, your solicitor or conveyancer is responsible for sending us a notice of acquisition/disposition. This lets us know you're moving in to a new property.

    If your property is empty, you’ll still be responsible for any water used as well as the service charges, Waterways and Drainage Charge and Parks Charge.

    Commercial tenants

    As a commercial tenant, you do not need to contact us unless your business discharges trade waste.  The owner of a commercial property is responsible for all water and sewerage charges incurred at the property, as stipulated under the Water Act 1989.