What to do when you buy or sell a property

Get an information statement

Before you sell or buy any property you can get an information statement which shows rates and charges for the property, as well as any outstanding charges (encumbrances).

It’s easy to apply for a statement online through Property Connect.

Meter reads

There’s no need to apply for a special meter read at settlement. That’s because information statements now include historical usage data to help you calculate charges from the last meter read to the settlement date.


Closing your account

Your solicitor or conveyancer will let us know the property has changed hands – you don’t need to do anything to close or disconnect your account.

We'll make sure we take a meter reading as close as possible to the date the property changes over.


Find out the location of internal plumbing or sewer assets

Got grand plans in mind? Apply for a property service plan that outlines where the property’s sewer and internal plumbing assets are located through Property Connect.

Setting up your account

Your solicitor or conveyancer will send us your details to set up an account for you when you purchase a property – you don’t need to do anything.

Learn more about managing your account.

When there are charges owing on the property you buy or sell

As of 1 July 2013, under s.274(4A) of the Water Act 1989 (Vic), all amounts due to be paid by the property owner to South East Water, is lien on the property (whether or not South East Water has agreed to defer the payment of the whole or any part of that amount). Lien is a charge placed on a property for the satisfaction of a debt. This includes (but is not limited to) amounts incurred for the charges below:

  • Water usage (includes what was previously called the sewage disposal charge)
  • Water service
  • Trade waste
  • Pressure sewer connections
  • Sewerage service

Any outstanding amounts owing on any of these charges prior to 1 July 2013 have now transitioned to lien.

Other authorities’ charges, including the Waterways and Drainage charge and Parks charge, continue to be lien.

Processing for property settlements

It’s important to note that when a charge is incurred on a property, the amount is usually repaid when the property is sold or transferred; and if this does not occur, any unpaid debt will become the responsibility of the new property owner.

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Send us your enquiry

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Information statements

You can apply for an information statement through PropertyConnect.