Types of water

Choosing the right water for the right use will help you to be water efficient and help to secure our water supplies into the future.

Some of the below options are not available to everyone and others would require you to make an investment decision (such as installing a rainwater tank). However, it is important to understand the requirements for use of alternate water sources.

Tap water

Drinking tap water is defined as water intended ​primarily for human consumption.


Using rainwater in and around your home is an easy and effective way to conserve Victoria’s precious water supplies and reduce the amount of drinking (potable) water you use.


Greywater is waste water generated from the bathroom and laundry basins, the showers, bath tubs and washing machine. It does not include kitchen greywater.

Bore water

Anyone whose property sits above an aquifer can apply for a licence to sink a bore, if the process is feasible on your property.

Recycled Water

Class A recycled water is a sustainable water supply that is providing benefits to households across Cranbourne, Lyndhurst, Sandhurst, Pakenham and Officer. It is recognised by its purple coloured pipes, and is supplied to homes for toilet flushing and outdoor watering. With over 10,000 homes already connected, we’re continuing to lay the infrastructure to expand the recycled water network even further.

Desalinated water

Desalinated water is drinking water that is produced from sea water.


​South East Water is committed to the delivery of quality sewerage services to meet the health and hygiene needs of our community, now and in the future.

Water storage

Detailed information on Melbourne's water supply system. Information on Melbourne's water storages is updated daily by around 2pm, seven days a week. Visit Melbourne Water for daily updates.