Aquarevo: A new way of living

Aquarevo is a unique collaboration between South East Water and Villawood Properties to create a residential development in Lyndhurst, south east of Melbourne, where homes will feature a range of unprecedented water saving features.

It’s one of the water efficiency programs we’re implementing to support other government initiatives to help secure water supplies for current and future generations of Victorians by reducing demand on drinking water supplies.

That’s why Aquarevo homes will be plumbed with three types of water to showcase the possibilities of harnessing all sources of water available to us: drinking, recycled and rainwater.

Each has been specifically chosen for its intended use (and is supplied according to the relevant regulations and guidelines), to reduce reliance on drinking water for uses that don’t require it. For example, toilets are plumbed with recycled water – why flush drinking water down the toilet?

To make this happen, Aquarevo homes will:

  • Feature a high-tech rain to hot water system for bathing and showering that includes screening, filtering, treatment and temperature sensing devices.
  • Connect to a pressure sewer system that pumps wastewater to a water recycling plant within the estate, treats the water to Class A standard, and sends it back to each home for use in the garden, toilet or washing machine.
  • Feature rainwater tanks with technology that receives weather forecasts – then releases water before heavy rainfall to minimise overflows or flooding in local waterways.
  • Connect to a OneBox® device that controls the water technology in each home, remotely monitors the pressure sewer and reads each home’s water and energy use.

At Aquarevo, we want to show that there’s a better way to use water at home – without losing the health and liveability that water provides.

For more information on Aquarevo visit our joint developer Villawood Properties website.

Latest updates from Aquarevo

We’re excited to see the development at Aquarevo progressing, with the wetland and the first homes under construction and due for completion mid-2019.

The Aquarevo House is also on track, and once completed will be used to showcase to the community and residents all the water and sustainability features that make this residential development so special.