Field investigations in your area starting early May 2024

You might not notice a lot of the work we do because most of it is beneath your feet. Every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes and pumps that keep the sewage network flowing.

We’re planning the Salmon Street Diversion Sewer Upgrade which will extend the existing sewer network to facilitate the future relocation of the Salmon Street Pump Station. As part of this project, we’re doing investigative works to help us finalise the design.

What we're doing

We need to undertake investigation works near the proposed alignment to help finalise the design. Investigative works will commence early May at the intersection of Salmon and Turner Street, Port Melbourne.

The works will involve:

  • Service proving to identify and locate all underground services that may interact with the pipeline alignment.
  • Engineering feature survey.
  • Geotechnical and contamination investigations.

ABK will have a temporary site compound set up in the area for the duration of the works. You'll notice a mobile site office that looks like a caravan on wheels to store equipment and materials. The area will be secure and adhere to strict safety requirements.

When it's happening

We’re starting investigative works soon at the intersection of Salmon Street and Turner Street, Port Melbourne, so you might see us or our contractor Abergeldie, BMD & KBR (ABK) around.

We’re planning to start work on Monday 6 May. It should take around 5 days to complete (depending on the weather). You can expect us to work Monday to Friday between 7 am and 6 pm. On the odd occasion, we might need to work at other times for safety, technical or permit reasons.

We'll return to site in late 2024 to complete the works. We'll let you know before we start works in your area. 

What might impact you

We’ll do our best to keep impacts to a minimum, however these are the kinds of things you might notice while we work:

  • Closure of Turner Street between Salmon Street and Douglas Street.
  • A detour via Hall Street and Lorimer Street will be in place. Footpaths will remain open.
  • More trucks on the streets around you.
  • Construction noise from machinery including beepers when trucks reverse and the use of heavy machinery.
  • Surveyors in the local area.
  • Construction staff  around to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely. You'll still have access to footpaths and businesses in the area.

Want to know more? Watch our video 'What you might hear and see' below.

Don't miss these details

We’re working with our delivery partner, Abergeldie, BMD & KBR (ABK), to help us.

You shouldn’t notice any change to South East Water services while we work. When we have finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them to make sure that we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition. 

Where we will be working

What you might hear and see


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