We've investigated bringing recycled water to Tyabb and Somerville for use in peri-urban agriculture, nurseries and the irrigation of public open spaces.

We partnered with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council with funding support from the National Water Grid Authority to undertake investigations into the potential for a recycled water scheme in the Tyabb-Somerville area.

We've investigated the feasibility of the Tyabb-Somerville Recycled Water Scheme which would involve building pipes and pumps to deliver Class A recycled water to the Tyabb-Somerville area. Supplying recycled water to local parks and agricultural landowners, the scheme would provide water security to the agricultural industry and help preserve drinking water supply, regardless of changing climate conditions. The scheme would aim to deliver approximately 1, 150ML of water each year to customers.


Scheme stages

In 2022, we engaged with potential customers in the region, completed a feasibility design, and an economic assessment.

The proposed scheme would involve the design and construction of a trunk main to bring recycled water from the South Eastern Outfall to service the identified locations.

If the scheme were to progress, once the trunk main is constructed, reticulated networks would be installed to various locations resulting in approximately 15.7 km of pipeline as seen in the image below.

Next steps

Subject to securing funding, moving the project forward involves two key stages:

  1. Further planning activities (e.g., cultural heritage, flora and fauna investigations), functional design and updated economic assessment.
  2. Contract award and delivery of the project.

In addition to securing funding support, both economic and financial viability must be demonstrated prior to contract award and delivery. 

We'll keep this webpage updated with any developments.

Blue legend icon   Proposed trunk main pipe route

Blue legend icon   Proposed reticulation main pipe route

There are many potential benefits of the scheme

Increasing agricultural production 

Provides farmers with a high-quality and climate-resilient alternative water supply to increase food productivity.

Providing an alternative water source to surface water and groundwater for irrigation

These types of water are fully allocated, subject to restrictions and vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Supporting local food production and creating local jobs

By providing a reliable water source for the agricultural industry.

Promoting a circular economy by retaining water within the region

Utilising recycled water that is otherwise discharged to the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tyabb-Somerville Recycled Water Scheme is a concept that we have investigated to deliver recycled water to the Tyabb-Somerville region.

If constructed, the scheme would support existing agricultural and horticultural activity in the region and provide active open spaces with a climate resilient water source.

The scheme itself would involve the construction of approximately 15.7 km of pipe and deliver up to 1,150 ML of Class A recycled water to the Tyabb-Somerville area each year.

Further information on recycled water can be found here Recycled water | South East Water.

The Class A recycled water for the scheme will come from Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant and accessed via the South Eastern Outfall.

The recycled water will be supplied to the Tyabb and Somerville areas as depicted in the map above.

To date, South East Water, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and the National Water Grid Authority have shared costs in all works done to date. Further funding is required to progress the project to the next stages.

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