We’re upgrading 3G OneBox® panels to 4G across our Pressure Sewer Network

The OneBox® control panel manages live property sewer, in real time, and monitors the whole system to slow, start or pause the sewer pumps depending on the levels inside the sewer tank.

It supports us to pre-empt and avoid any sewer spills before customers are even aware of any problems.

A number of 3G OneBox® panels will be upgraded to 4G to maintain steady communications and live monitoring of customers sewer systems. 

The upgrades might not look any different, but they deliver a whole range of benefits to customers, the community and environment.

How the upgrades work

  • You’ll get a notification from us about when your OneBox® control Panel will be upgraded.

  • On the day of the upgrade we’ll knock on your door to first to let you know we’ve arrived. Don’t worry if you’re not home, you don’t need to be during the upgrade. Our technicians will keeping their distance, following all COVID-19 safety rules.

  • The upgrade process should take no longer than 30 minutes. 

  • Once we’re done, we’ll re-test the system and notify you.

If you’ve already received a letter and there will be trouble accessing your OneBox® Control Panel we’ll try and contact you to work out a time when you’re available for us to perform the upgrade.