We've investigated alternative water sources for agriculture and public open spaces in the Mornington Peninsula's hinterland region.

In partnership with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, the Hinterland Environmental Water Scheme Inc., and the National Water Grid Authority, we've investigated supplying the Mornington Peninsula hinterland region with Class A recycled water for local food production and public open spaces.

What we've done

The study explored the potential to:

  • open up the region to increased agricultural production and new horticultural opportunities, by providing a high-quality, drought-proof alternative water supply
  • boost local food production, which would create local jobs
  • increase the fire-fighting capability in the region
  • provide a secure water supply for parks and reserves, ensuring the highest possible amenity all year round
  • reduce reliance on surface water and groundwater for irrigation, potentially allowing these water sources to replenish and improve waterway health
  • reduce the amount of high-quality recycled water going out to sea

Feasibility study

The results and findings of the feasibility study have shown that this scheme is not economically feasible and therefore further investigation will not be going ahead at this point in time. We may revisit the scheme in the future as circumstances continue to change.

Hinterland Environmental Water Scheme area of investigation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hinterland Recycled Water Scheme is a concept that we have investigated to deliver recycled water to Mornington Peninsula's hinterland region.

The concept of the scheme was to grow agricultural and horticultural activity in the region and provide active open spaces with a climate resilient water source. In addition, the scheme had the potential to increase the fire-fighting capability in the region and improve flows in the local waterways.

The scheme itself would have involved the construction of an approximately 59 km distribution network, a salt reduction plant, and delivered up to 6900 ML of salt-reduced Class A recycled water to Mornington Peninsula's hinterland region each year.

Further information on recycled water can be found here Recycled water | South East Water.

In addition to the information provided by the link, salt-reduced Class A recycled water can be used on crops that are sensitive to low salinity levels.

The high-quality recycled water for the scheme will come from Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant accessed via the South Eastern Outfall.

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