Bringing recycled water to Bayside, Kingston, Greater Dandenong and Monash Local Government Areas for use in nurseries and the irrigation of public open spaces and golf courses.

We're currently planning the Dingley Recycled Water Scheme, which will deliver recycled water to around 40 sites in the Bayside, Kingston, Greater Dandenong and Monash Local Government Areas. Supplying local parks, world-class golf courses, sporting ovals, laundromats, market gardens and nurseries, the scheme will help preserve drinking water supply, regardless of changing climate conditions.

The Victorian Government announced part funding for the scheme as part of the delivery of the Central and Gippsland Regional Sustainable Water strategy, which aims to improve water security, liveability and waterway health for the next 40 years.

The project will cost approximately $72 million of which the Victorian Government has committed $24 million. The rest will be funded by South East Water and customers of the scheme.  

What we're doing

The scheme will involve the design and construction of a transfer main to bring recycled water from the Eastern Treatment Plant to service around 40 sites in the Bayside, Kingston, Greater Dandenong and Monash Local Government Areas.

Upon completion of the transfer main, connection pipes will be installed to the various locations resulting in a total of 42 km of pipeline being constructed.

The first stage of this project has been awarded to our Industry Partner ABK (Abergeldie, BMD & KBR). We're now working with them to finalise the design and alignment. To do this, we need to undertake investigation works. Works will involve both non-intrusive works such as survey mapping and minor, controlled ground disturbance activities with all amenities and access maintained to the public.

It is anticipated that recycled water will be available for use before 2028.

To view more information on the different stages of the project visit SEW Interactive Map (

When it's happening

We started investigation works for the transfer main in late November 2023. We're now expecting these works to continue intermittently until March 2024, depending on the weather.

We still need to undertake investigations in Old Dandenong Road. We'll let you know before we start these works as you may notice road closures and detours.

We expect to start construction on stage one, which is to build the transfer main, around mid 2024. It should take approximately 9 months to complete. Stage 2 of the project on the connection pipes is expected to start in 2025.  

What might impact you

We’ll do our best to keep impacts to a minimum, however these are the kinds of things you might notice while we work:

  • More trucks on the streets around you and in reserve areas
  • Less car parks around the work zones
  • Noise from machinery, like beepers when trucks reverse
  • Traffic management will be required in particular locations along Old Dandenong Road, Through Waterways Estate, Pillars Road, Springvale Road, Lower Dandenong Road, and Centre Dandenong Road
  • Our traffic management team will be around to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely
  • All holes will be backfilled and no destructive works will occur to any existing roads and footpaths

Please take care when travelling around the work sites.

Don't miss these details

We haven't finalised construction timelines yet. We'll keep this webpage updated and notify the area prior to construction starting. 

ABK will have a temporary site compound set up in the area for the duration of the works. You'll notice a site office that looks like a shipping container and areas to store equipment and materials. The area will be secure and adhere to strict safety requirements.

There are no planned distruptions to your water or sewerage services during these works.

We’ll work with the community and key stakeholders to minimise construction, social and environmental impacts, leaving the area just as we found it once we’re finished. 

If you're a business or commercial customer with high water usage near the proposed alignment and are interested in seeing if you can connect, please contact us on the details below for more information.

Where we will be working

Pipeline alignment is subject to change


Frequently Asked Questions

The Dingley Recycled Water Scheme will deliver recycled water to around 40 sites in the Bayside, Kingston, Greater Dandenong and Monash Local Government Areas.

Supplying recycled water to local parks, world-class golf courses, sporting ovals, laundromats, market gardens and nurseries, the scheme will help preserve our drinking water supply, and help our communities become more resilient to climate change.

Investigative works will include:

  • Service proving to identify and locate all underground services that may interact with the pipeline alignment
  • Engineering feature survey
  • Geotechnical and contamination investigations
  • Ecology surveys and environmental site mapping

These works will ensure the transfer main design is optimised to best suit the needs and requirements of the end users. 

Abergeldie, BMD and KBR (ABK) will complete these works on behalf of South East Water.

We send digital communications to customers with a mobile number or email address registered to their mySouthEastWater account prior to works commencing. To register or check if your details are up to date visit

We then put a letter in your letter box before we commence works. If the works are deferred, we will send you another notification of the new proposed start date. Project signage will be installed at the work area prior to commencing the works. 

We will also keep information on this webpage updated throughout the project.

No, we don't plan to impct driveway access. If for any reason during construction we need to block your driveway access, we will notify you in person and where possible, provide at least 24 hours' notice so that alternative parking arrangements can be made.

To safely undertake these works, traffic and pedestrian conditions may change so please take care when travelling around the construction sites. 

No. If you experience any disruption to your water or sewerage services please call our 24/7 Faults and Emergencies team on 13 28 12.

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them and return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition. 

Only high usage customers who have agreed to connect to the scheme will need to pay. Discussions with scheme customers on pricing will take place prior to connection. 

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