The purpose of the Belgrave and Selby sewerage scheme is to connect over 700 additional properties to the sewerage network to improve public health and protect our environment. ​​​​


South East Water approved products

All South East Water approved products can now be found in one handy location through the MRWA web portal at

Suppliers may apply to South East Water for approval of their products through the completion of the following application form. In most cases, product approval will only be considered if the product has been appraised and recommended by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).


South East Water standards

South East Water has produced and implemented the following standards:


A3 Half size SEW_standard_COLOUR.CTB

SEW Sewage Pump Station Code Supplement_Rev 3

SEW SPS Civil and Mechanical Standard Drawings

Sewer Servicing Guide 13 Jan 2015

Protection of South East Water Supply Assets

Protection of South East Water Sewerage Assets

MHTA-06-Gas Check Maintenance Hole

Dual Water Interconnection Typical Arrangement 2

Dual Water Interconnection Typical Arrangement 1A

Dual Water Interconnection Typical Arrangement 1

Dual Water Interconnection residential commercial industrial typical arrangement - F.B 1

AM2780_Sewage Pump Station PLC, RTU and SCADA Specification

AM2776.3 Air Treatment Unit Specification and Commissioning

AM2775_WaterShed Data Collection Details

AM2762_Management of Technical Standards

AM2761_Vehicle Access Standard

AM2760_Stainless Steel Specification

AM2759_Facility Security Specification

AM2757_Covers for Underground Structures

AM2755 TCCHP Treatment Plants Trial Rev T0

AM2739_Corrosion Mitigation Specification

AM2522_OnM Manuals Specification

AM2488_Drafting Specification

South East Water electrical standards

AM2714_Electrical Equipment and Installation Specification

AM2717 Generator Specification



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