Access land development policy

These documents outline South East Water's land development policy and are relevant for developers, engineering consultants, contractors and surveyors.

Development agreement

A development agreement is a contractual agreement which details the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction of South East Water's sewerage, water supply and recycled water assets. The developer is required to enter into a contractual agreement with South East Water.

It is important that you read our Land development policies and pricing manual (pdf, 342Kb).

Ensure you access our verification forms, as they are to be used in conjunction with the development agreement documentation.

Development agreement documentation

Development agreement documentation (1Mb)

South East Water's accredited providers​

Accredited Consultants
To undertake engineering and audit services for the land development industry. Click here to view the Accredited Consultant List​

Accredited Contractors
To undertake construction work for the land development industry. Click here to view the Accredited Contractors List​

On 30 September 2014 the old accreditation list for consultants and contractors ceased.

​​​​​Contractors and consultants who apply for accreditation under the current system will need to sign the relevant accreditation deed:

To apply for South East Water's accreditation please contact or 9552 3306.​