Learn about our fire sprinkler program

Our program’s a real winner, and you could be too!

Our fire sprinkler program helps properties to save 36 million litres of water per year. Discover if our program can help your property to save water lost through fire sprinkler testing too. Read the guide to fire sprinkler system water saving (pdf, 1.3Mb).

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Efficient fire sprinkler tests save water

It is estimated that in Melbourne alone, fire sprinkler system testing uses over 500 million litres of drinking water annually. That’s enough to fill over 200 Olympic size swimming pools.

South East Water has pioneered a program to assist customers to make minor adjustments to their fire sprinkler systems, without compromising the effectiveness of their building’s fire-protection system. A FREE site assessment will help to determine potential savings within your fire sprinkler system.

Working alongside managing agents such as MICM and Dexus, South East Water’s program looks at ways we can help customers cut down on water wasted during fire sprinkler testing. Water saving solutions are determined for our customers on a case by case basis.

To find out how our fire sprinkler program can help you, call 131 694 or email firesprinklers@sew.com.au