Processing times

We process incoming applications on a case-by-case basis. This means we work on each one in the order they are received. Some applications take longer than others, and there are circumstances that can impact our processing times.

We're currently processing a large number of applications and appreciate your patience as we work through these.

Our response time for multi-residential, commercial and industrial sites is currently at more than 10 weeks. We’re sorry for the delay, please understand we’re doing our best to process your application as soon as we can.


Application type

Current processing time

Single Residential

10-15 business days

Multiple units (Residential / Non-Residential)

10-12 weeks


2-4 weeks

Asset Information

2-3 business days

Property Sewer plans

2-3 business days

Pressure and Flow information

10 business days

Size depth and offset

10-15 business days

Separate meters

10 business days