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Obtain preliminary servicing advice

Apply for and compile agreements

We provide preliminary servicing advice about providing water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water assets. If you are planning land development you are required to obtain our approval.

Access water and sewer standards

Connect commercial property and units

​South East Water's standards pertain to the design and construction of sewer and water assets, as well as information on approved sewer and water strategic products, authorised contractors and technical specifications. ​You can apply for the connection of industrial and commercial property as well as units and private water to South East Water’s water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water asset(s), when internal plumbing is required.

Request field book page numbers

Work near assets and easements

Once registered, you can request book and page numbers for use when submitting information on sewerage projects. ​Before conducting works or building near water and sewer mains, you need to review the customer buildover guide.

Obtain pressure and flow information

Access online property tools

South East Water can provide pressure and flow information for your fire service designs. Access our online property tools, such as SWIFT and PropertyConnect.

Authorised contractors for specialised services

​​Declaration Of Serviced Properties

Find out who can undertake works on South East Water assets and apply for accreditation. Review the land that South East Water intends to declare as serviced property.​

Locate and protect water and sewer assets

​Learn five simple steps to locate and protect water and sewer assets before starting works.